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What is Online Coaching?

To put it simply, online coaching is how Dusten successfully trains anyone and everyone near and far. It's all based on you and customized for your life, your schedule, your goals, and your body. Once Dusten gathers all the information needed, he is able to create customized plans for you so you know exactly what to do to get to your target goals.

First, Dusten will assess you on many levels. This includes how active you are, what your eating habits are, what vices and negative influencers you have, and numerous other intimate points about you. This assessment is done online and is comprehensive, down to your hormone and sleep patterns. The reason for such detailed information is simple. The more Dusten knows about you on every level, the more specific he can be with his programs designed for you. Knowing your stress level has a physiological impact you can determine where fat is stored in your body, how to eat based on that fat, and what workouts are needed to reduce that fat level significantly.

How is Dusten's Coaching Different?

Once this assessment is done and your goals are discussed and set, Dusten then applies his 20+ years of experience, education, knowledge, and practice to custom designing several plans and programs just for you. He writes an initial training program, nutrition plan, and supplement recommendations for you. Now, this is where many online coaches leave off, but the reality is that as your body changes, you will need to adjust your workouts, your meals, and your nutritional supplementation. This is how Dusten's coaching consistently has success. As your body shifts, you lose fat and your hormonal activity changes, so you need to alter your programs to account for this change in order to keep on track to hitting your goals. Otherwise, you most likely end up spending time and energy on things that no longer matter and miss opportunities to continue on the path to that "new you" you've been working towards.

So, what's left? Effort. Dusten always says that he will supply the science and if you supply the effort, you are guaranteed to have success. It's that easy. Your assessment, tracking photos, body measurements, are all mixed with the culmination of Dusten's decades of experience and knowledge and put down on paper just for you so you don't have to research or create anything. All you need to do is bring the effort; do the work and together you will see the results. Be honest and upfront about your history, stats, etc. and Dusten will get you on track and moving towards your goals in a matter of weeks. Stick with it and over months you will see changes that will blow your mind! It's not hard, but you do have to put in the work.

Whether You're Local to Chicago or Not

If you're local to Chicago, where Dusten is based out of, you can definitely work with him in person. That could look like meetings to discuss nutrition and supplementation and/or training sessions weekly or monthly. Is meeting in person necessary? Not at all. Dusten writes your programs and plans with the understanding that you might be new to physical activity. With each plan, he offers guides to make navigating the programs and understanding the plans a breeze. But, if you do have questions, you can connect with Dusten via phone calls, emails, text messages, and/or Skype/Facetime.

Every Kind of Client Can Use This

Now, all of this is coming across as if the only people that need online coaching from Dusten are people who want to lose a lot of fat and make a drastic change to their bodies and lives. The truth is, yes, those individuals are out there and in desperate need of Dusten's help, but he also develops these programs and plans for anyone with a variety of other goals, including athletes who are interested in upping their game, women trying to lose those post-pregnancy pounds, people with injuries that have stopped them from keeping active, and much more. The point is if you have a physical goal to lose fat, increase athleticism and ability, work past injuries, or just get stronger, Dusten can help you through online coaching in a way that is specific to you, your body, and your goals.

Dusten's Qualifications

All this talk of how Dusten can help you through online coaching for whatever your fitness or health goals are, but you might be asking "who is Dusten Nelson?" Well, Dusten is a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach with over 20 years of experience. Dusten is also a WBFF Pro Fitness Model and has competed at WBFF World's competition. He also has his degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a TCM Practitioner. Dusten has also been the owner and founder of several successful gyms in Chicago and is currently working on opening his newest gym concept in late 2017. He also started FIXT Fresh Macro Meals and his own Nutritional Supplement line to guarantee quality nutrition for his clients and anyone serious about training and physique transformation. He has trained and continues to train professional athletes all the way over to morbidly obese individuals; successfully meeting and exceeding their goals. Dusten's mission is to help people be the healthiest, strongest, and fittest version of themselves through the most efficient and effective path possible while educating them to avoid future failure and to keep continuing success.

If you are interested in Dusten and his team helping you with online coaching for your upcoming amateur and professional fitness and physique show, then please visit WBFF Show Prep Competitor Coaching for more information.