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What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching provides a unique opportunity to work with an accomplished coach from anywhere in the world. No limitations with our online coaching for you to reach your goals and have the best possible journey to the stage for you. So, how does this online coaching work? It's simple really. We provide you with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment, done with one of our experienced coaches, and then use that information to customize a training program, nutrition plan, and lifestyle program for you. This gives you the best chance possible to take what you've done with your workouts and eating to get to the point you're at and then take that to the next level. It's that easy!

We supply you with the science; the knowledge of how your body will respond to various training techniques and workouts to get you the best possible results without putting in extra, wasted effort. You then supply the effort, knowing that it won't be wasted or incorrect for your path will make your results appear faster and better than without our programs. Then, we both set back and see the results; watching your physique condition and change, all the while getting you closer and closer to that stage.

Our Knowledge • Your Effort • Great Results!

Constant contact between us, you and our coaches; your coach, is the key to successful online coaching. Through our communications, we will have you track your progress so we can take that tracking and interpret, reassess, and apply changes and adjustments to your programming. Each week you will turn in your food and training journals along with progress pictures. This provides us with the information we need to make those decisions about adjustments to your training and meal planning and to also help you overcome blocking factors. We make it simple by delivering your program to you digitally online. Then you simply fill them out and send them to us each week and we take it from there. Simple!

You don’t need to have a long training history to be successful with online coaching, you just need to be mentally prepared to put in the effort necessary to make the change. We are just an email or skype call away to answer questions and are happy to schedule time to speak with you about your specific journey to the stage. To see results; the best possible results, you must to be ready to put in the work; give true effort and when you do, you will be happy with your results. Whether you’re thinking about competing for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, applying science to enhance prep is always a great decision and will benefit you in ways you always imagined possible and now find completely attainable.

Common Competitor Complaints

Here are some things we hear from competitors frequently:

  • They lack confidence in their pre-show diet & training plan
  • They're afraid they won't be lean enough
  • They don’t want to cut too early and loose muscle
  • The get too much bias feedback from friends, family, and training partners
  • They have no post-show plan

We address these issues by setting a macro training program plan supported with micro training cycles. We schedule mandatory weekly online check-ins and progress reports that assess fluctuations in your body weight, fat loss, symmetry, water retention, and biometrics. This is all to make sure that we are improving your health while optimizing your physique. We also use this information to fine-tune nutrition sources, timing, amounts, supplementation, and training. We let the photos and progress tell the story and shoot you straight about the timeline it will take to reach your physique goals. We then develop a post-show plan that fits your life and goals.

Specifics About Our Online Coaching and Program Design

  • Initial one to one consultation and assessment (Chicago locally only)
  • Initial Skype consultation for distance clients
  • Online assessment and evaluation of medical history
  • Custom designed training, nutrition, and supplementation programs
  • Full nutritional programming including macro, calorie, and food source recommendations
  • Weekly check-ins (measurements / photos / session updates)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Messaging support with both Dusten Nelson and Rachel Lynn Omell
  • Detailed peak week based on your biochemsistry
  • Photo shoot guidance (who, when, where, and what to capture to enhance your brand)
  • Post competition plan
  • Anything else needed to ensure you hit the stage in the best shape possible!